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Created by professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the “sustainable and low carbon” energy technology market.

“Biomethane Total Solution Corporation”

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Years of experience


In Italy alone, more than 1,500 plants are installed.

In the global context

the search for renewable and clean energy sources, which face the increasing energy demand, biogas has been presented as an alternative that meets these precepts. As a result, this theme is increasingly studied, with different approaches, different authors and in several countries.

The reports of the generation of biogas through organic waste, are dated at least 3,000 years ago, at that time the biogas had the purpose of maintaining the fire (flame) lit and a small amount of heat.

Nowadays, biogas plants are a reliable and financially viable alternative for sustainable energy generation. In Italy alone, more than 1,500 plants are installed, with more than 201 of them built by our technological partner at BTS-Biogas . (

Transformation and evolution

of biogas energy generation plants, began with the creation of the Kyoto Protocol, which triggered a wave of international investments and subsidies for the development of low carbon energy generation.

Biogas is a basic fuel, which, after treatment and technological adaptation, can replace and compete in all aspects with other energy sources.

Our headquarters

is located in Dover, Delaware - USA and our Brazilian subsidiary in the city of Castro, PR - Brazil.

Our fantasy brand is CH4Solution . (