CH4 Solution Laboratory

In 2020, CH4 Solution inaugurated LABCH4, a laboratory equipped for studies and simulations of Biogas and Biodigesters. Our laboratory is the first to be established within a private institution in Brazil. The laboratory was designed with the aim of delivering accurate and quality results to our customers when designing projects.

Currently our laboratory has BMP tests (Biochemical Methane Potential), which are batch tests, performed according to the VDI standard 4630 (Fermentation of organic materials - Characterization of the substrate, sampling, collection of material data, fermentation tests), and aim to verify the potential of biogas and methane generation from a specific substrate sample.

Through these, we can still know the kinetics of the degradation process (substrate consumption x time), due to the daily encampment of the generated data. We also carry out simulations of CSTR reactors in our laboratory (Continuous stirred-tank reactor), which aim to evaluate the behavior of particular substrate, and how it can be the best application condition for the project in the field, based on biogas production information and through the monitoring of parameters that influence the inhibition of anaerobic digestion.

In addition to studies focused on biogas, we conducted other studies in the area such as the characterization of substrates and coagulation and flocculation tests in effluents, with some partner companies.

We are working to meet the demand for our projects, but we can meet external demands. Contact us to provide a commercial proposal!